Top 10 Apps to Earn Money from Your Phone

Looking for the top money earning apps?

Well if you’re going to buy an expensive cell phone, you might as well use it to make money. That’s why I encourage you to download these top 10 money earning apps that you can use to make money from your phone.

  1. Rakuten: Best for cashback and referrals
  2. Ibotta: Best for regional grocery stores
  3. Acorns: Best for saving
  4. Swagbucks: Best for surveys
  5. Robinhood: Best for investing
  6. Dosh: Best for everyday spending
  7. Fetch Rewards: Best for gift cards
  8. Sweatcoin: Best for experiences
  9. Checkout51: Best for groceries
  10. SavingStar: Best with loyalty cards

These are the best apps for earning money and are apps that you can use to make money legitimately.

Top 10 Money Earning Apps that Pay you Real Money

1. Rakuten

Formerly Ebates, Rakuten is another popular cashback app that you can use on groceries. Though it’s grocery partnerships aren’t as vast as Ibotta, it’s still an app worth using. You can receive a percentage of your purchase amount back for orders made through the app.

I’ve personally earned over $600 using this app. Learn how to maximize your earnings on Rakuten in this post.

2. Ibotta

This app is most known for its strong grocery store partners. Ibotta partners with over 1,500 stores that you can select from when using the app to make a purchase. They even carry regional grocery stores like Ingles, Bi-Lo, and Food Lion.

You will receive a set amount of cash back for items that have deals within the app. For instance, you may be $1.00 back for purchasing a specific sports drink. Once you scan your receipt, it will identify these matches and credit the cashback to your account.

You can also link the app to your loyalty accounts for different stores. So instead of scanning your receipt, it can track your purchases through those accounts. 

The app currently has a $20 threshold to transfer your funds to your PayPal, but you’ll find that it’s not too hard to get to that amount.

Check out this in-depth post on how Ibotta works to learn how you can start using this app to save.

3. Acorns

Acorns is one of the leading personal finance apps that allows you to earn money passively. The app takes the spare change from your purchases and puts it towards your savings and investing goals.

By linking your bank account or credit card, Acorns keeps track of all your purchases and rounds-ups to the nearest dollar. It then invests your spare change.

Though the app does cost, you can sign up for as little as $1 a month. Compared to how much your stand to make from investing over time, I’d say that you’d get your return on investment

The bonus is that you can get $10 when you sign up for Acorns!

4. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a sort of catchall apps that allows you to complete activities–like playing games and taking surveys to earn cash back. You can also earn money from the app when you go shopping.

There’s a LOT that you can do on Swagbucks to earn money. So if you just happen to be on your phone, I suggest downloading the apps and quickly earning some cash. You can get paid via Paypal or with gift cards.

Get $10 when you sign up for the app!

5. Robinhood

For those who want to take their investing up a notch, Robinhood is a broker that offers investors the ability to buy and sell stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrency without any fees or commissions.

That’s right, Robinhood has no fees or commissions! There are no account minimums so you can get started investing right away. It doesn’t get any better than that my friends!

So if you really want to earn money, use Robinhood to start investing for FREE and watch your money grow!

6. Dosh

Dosh is probably the easiest app to earn money with. This apps connects to your credit or debit card and automatically sends you cash back when you make a purchase. No extra work needed.

If you constantly use your debit or credit card, I strongly suggest grabbing Dosh so that you can start earning money from this app.

I have it connected to my Qube Money debit card so that I can get cash back every time I purchase something for fun!

7. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is another app that you can use to earn from your grocery purchases. Although this app doesn’t offer cashback, you can accumulate points to go toward gift cards to places like Amazon and Target.

This is a great way to also save money on gifts. If you accumulate enough points, your can exchange for a gift card that can be used to help save money for Christmas.

8. Sweatcoin

Who ever though that you could get paid to walk? Well with Sweatcoin you can! This app pays you to walk and move.

The app uses data from your phone or fitness watch to track your steps and movement. The more you move, the more coins you earn. Though it isn’t hard cold cash, it can be redeemed for goods, services, and experiences.

It literally pays to walk! Sweatcoin is absolutely free to download and use!

9. Checkout 51

Much like Ibota, Checkout 51 allows you to upload your purchase receipt to earn cashback on deals. Find deals in the app, add them to your account, and scan your receipts once you’re done shopping. That app will match the deals and give you credit for your purchases.

10. SavingStar

SavingStar is another app that works like Ibotta. With this app, you will link your store loyalty card. Then, you’ll find deals within the app that apply to items that you plan to shop for. After shopping, you’ll scan your receipt and get cash back.

Final thoughts on these top money earning apps

The great thing is that you can use all of these apps in tandem with each other. That means you can earn cash back from all apps!

Be sure to download these apps so that you can start earning money ASAP. There’s nothing better than easy ways to make money from apps on your phone.

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