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15+ Pregnancy Must-Haves & Essentials for New Moms

As a new mom, there are a ton of things that can make your journey easier. In this post, I’ll share over 15 pregnancy must-haves & essentials for new moms.

Each of these items helped me tremendously as a first-time mom. So, if you need a practical list of pregnancy essentials that you’ll actually use, keep reading.

Pregnancy Essentials That You’ll Actually Use

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1. Prenatal Vitamins

One of the first things that your doctor will tell you to get is prenatal vitamins. Check with your physician on which brand is best for you. I’m simply giving you an idea of what I use.

I recommend putting your vitamins on a subscription with Amazon Prime, as you’ll be going through a lot.

2. Wedge Pillow

As your belly grows, you’ll start to feel the pull of the weight. The wedge pillow helps relieve the tension that you’ll experience when you lie on your side.

This wedge can be used beyond belly support. It can be used for back and hip support.

3. Body Pillow

Ultimately, you’ll want to invest in a full-body pillow. These pillows will not only help support your ever-growing belly, but they offer back and hip support simultaneously.

I specifically recommend this brand as it is extremely comfortable and the components are detachable–allowing you to use each piece as needed.

4. Body Oil

You’ll soon find that pregnancy may do a number on your skin. Dry skin is one of those symptoms that you can expect. So having a good body oil to combat it is crucial.

I found that body oil was also great in softening the skin and helping to prevent stretch marks. You can use an oil of your choice; however, I just used massage oil.

5. Humidifier

Like me, you may experience nosebleeds during your pregnancy. This has to do with your increased blood flow and dry nasal passages.

To help combat nosebleeds, you will want to keep a humidifier handy. This will put moisture in the air so that your nasal passages don’t get dry.

6. Air Purifier

You may find that you’ll have sinus issues that you’ve never experienced prior to pregnancy. So, in addition to a humidifier, you’ll also want to invest in an air purifier.

An air purifier will help filter dust and allergens that may be lingering in the air. It’s a must-have to make breathing easier.

7. Pregnancy Books

There are several pregnancy books on the market that can help you throughout your journey. However, there are two specific books that I recommend that will give you a real perspective of pregnancy symptoms and labor & delivery.

Supernatural Childbirth

The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy

I also recommend checking out these pregnancy apps that will tell you exactly what you can expect during each week of your pregnancy.

8. Maternity Pants

You could be one of the few mamas who make it through pregnancy without having to buy new pants. But, if you’re like the rest of us, maternity pants are a must!

I recommend maternity pants that go over the belly. These pants are easy to put on and take off and are extremely comfortable.

9. Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are a lifesaver when you’re pregnant. Not only can you wear them while pregnant, but you can continue to wear them after.

These dresses are comfortable (which is a must) and convenient. With the right shoes and accessories, you can style them up or down.

10. Maternity Belly Band

As you progress in your pregnancy, the weight of your belly will start to put more pressure on your back. A belly band can help relieve that pressure by helping to support the weight.

Simply wear it under your clothes to get additional support.

11. Exercise Ball

Another way to help relieve tension is by using an exercise ball. Sitting on an exercise, or birthing, ball helps with lower back pain that you may feel.

These balls can also assist during pregnancy and labor. Here are some uses for it while you’re pregnant.

12. Lanolin Balm

Your breasts will grow rapidly during pregnancy. This may cause soreness and discomfort, and for your skin to stretch & itch. Lanolin balm helps soothe, heal, and moisturize your nipples and breasts.

Lanolin is especially great for breastfeeding moms. It is an animal byproduct, but there are vegan alternatives.

13. Panty Liners

The reality is that as your baby or babies grow, they will put pressure on your bladder. This will cause you to have bladder leaks.

Wearing panty liners will absorb these leaks and help you stay dry.

14. Poo-Pourri

Don’t be embarrassed if you have excessive gas or diarrhea during pregnancy. It’s completely normal.

Having Poo-Pourri handy will make trips to public restrooms less embarrassing and more discrete. It also has a much milder and less irritating scent than air freshener sprays.

15. Gin Gin Candy

If you’re suffering from nausea, having some form of ginger will come in handy. I found that having ginger candies on hand was a lifesaver.

These small candies can help settle your stomach when you don’t have access to ginger ale or doctor-approved nausea medicine.

16. Maternity Shapewear

Maternity shapewear will come in handy for those outfits that need smoothing. Unlike traditional shapewear, these are specifically designed with your growing belly in mind.

These can also help give you additional support for your belly.

Final Thoughts on Pregnancy Essentials

These are the 15+ pregnancy must-haves & essential items that I’ve used to help make pregnancy easier. Some of them may work for you and others may not. Nonetheless, give them a try and let me know in the comments!

What are your pregnancy must-haves?

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