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30 Powerful Money Affirmations for Wealth & Abundance

Changing our long-standing beliefs and habits can be challenging, especially if you have a history of poor money management. And that’s where developing a positive mindset and using powerful affirmations can be a gamechanger for your finances. 

What are money affirmations?

Money affirmations are simple, positive phrases that you feel personally connected to. By repeating them several times a day, you can slowly adjust your mindset and set a vision for your financial future. 

Think about what financial security means to you. How much do you want to earn? What does your retirement look like? Affirmations can help you to reach these goals. 

One of the reasons that affirmations are so powerful is that, by replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts, we are actually moving ourselves from the weakest part of who we are (the Lower Self) to the strongest and most loving part of who we are (the Higher Self).” – Susan Jeffers Ph.D

There are wealth affirmations for different aspects of personal finances, including:

  • Attracting financial abundance 
  • Saving money 
  • Money management 
  • Earning money 

How do affirmations work? 

The Law of Attraction is the idea that we can all attract positive things into our lives if we focus on them enough. This principle can be used in many different areas of life, such as love, career, and of course in your finances.

By reciting financial affirmations, you will attract a flow of money into your life and have the confidence to handle your income too. 

But remember your money affirmations aren’t a magic spell. Positive visualization alone won’t guarantee wealth and abundance. You’ll also need to use sensible money management tips to reach your goals. 

How to work financial affirmations into your day

Are you ready to gear your mind towards financial success? 

The first step is developing a routine, so you know exactly when you’ll recite your wealth affirmations. You’re more likely to see results when you make these powerful statements several times a day, including: 

  • When you wake up – to get you into a positive mindset from the get-go. 
  • After lunch – keep your day on the right track before that afternoon slump hits. 
  • Before bed – to rest your brain for a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. 
  • Any time you need a pick-me-up – if you’re about to make a poor money choice, listen to your affirmations before you rush in.

Repeat each affirmation five times, preferably in front of a mirror. Say them aloud so you have confidence in the statement you’re making. 

Wondering which affirmations to make? Check out the list below and choose those that support your personal financial growth. 

Best affirmations for financial abundance

Money affirmations encourage abundance by knocking down the barriers that prevent wealth.

But when money does flow freely into our lives, it’s important not to waste it. If you spend your cash on luxury items and expensive vacations, this is a one-way ticket to debt. 

Instead of spending, make sure you’re clever with the money you attract. Pay down your debt, invest in your wealth, and make sensible plans to live within your means. Which of these affirmations will help you reach your goals? 

  1. An abundance of money is flowing into my life right now.
  2. I am conquering my money goals. 
  3. It’s easy and natural for me to be prosperous and successful. 
  4. Money comes my way in both expected and unexpected ways.
  5. I am open to receiving all the wealth life brings to me. 
  6. I accept and receive unexpected prosperity. 
  7. Abundance is coming, I deserve and accept it. 

Best affirmations for saving money 

Saving money can sometimes feel like an afterthought. Once you’ve paid your bills and your living costs for the month, there might be nothing left until your next payday. 

That’s exactly why you should always pay yourself first as soon as your income arrives. 

Once you’ve set aside your savings, you’ll know exactly how much to spend on bills and living expenses. Get into the habit of saving money regularly with the following money mantras. 

  1. I am a successful money saver.
  2. My savings continue to grow, so I will be financially secure. 
  3. I am happy when I save responsibly. 
  4. The money I save expands the opportunities in my life. 
  5. I choose to be wise and save my money. 
  6. The money I save will multiply for my future. 
  7. I’m naturally good at making financial decisions that increase my savings. 
  8. I am committed to saving and investing my money. 

Best affirmations for money management 

Budgeting should be at the heart of your money management, and there are a variety of strategies you can follow.

Take a look at techniques like 50/20/30, Dave Ramsey, and cash envelopes to keep your monthly budget on track. These can be supported with the following affirmations. 

  1. I enjoy managing and investing my money.
  2. My money allows me to have a life I love. 
  3. I choose to spend my money wisely. 
  4. I am becoming financially free. 
  5. I have a positive money mindset. 
  6. I am worthy of a solid financial foundation. 
  7. Financial security brings me peace. 
  8. My relationship with money gets better and better every day.
  9. I choose to think only positive thoughts about money.

Best affirmations for earning money

Your income is a huge part of the puzzle when it comes to financial security. If you’re not earning enough, you’ll need to cut back in key areas to live frugally

Luckily though, there are many ways to increase your income. You could start a side gig to bring in some extra cash. Alternatively, you could ask your boss for a raise, or find a new job with a better salary. 

Whichever route you take, these affirmations will help you attract more income. 

  1. I deserve to make more money.
  2. I am constantly discovering new sources of income. 
  3. I embrace new avenues of income. 
  4. There are no limits to the money I can make. 
  5. I am worthy of making more money. 
  6. Every day is a fresh opportunity to earn more money. 

Choose and use your money affirmations 

If you’ve been stuck in the mud with your finances, then money affirmations can be the gamechanger you need to move forward with a positive mindset. 

Start by choosing five money mantras that resonate with you and commit to using them multiple times every day. Remember to recite them in front of the mirror in a confident and authoritative tone. Prove to yourself you mean business! 

Rebecca Noori

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