55+ Absolutely Genius Mom Hacks To Make Life Easier

Being a mom is the best job in the world, even though it can be pretty tough sometimes! But as we grow, we take on new tips and tricks to turn us into expert parents.

Of course, part of our maternal instinct is that we’re such resourceful creatures, finding new ways to handle any challenge, from traveling with a toddler to soothing those ouchies.

So, if you’re looking for a little inspiration, check out these genius mom hacks to make life easier. 

What is a mom hack?

A mom hack is simply a creative way to solve a problem that all moms face.

Whether it’s finding new ways to get your kids to eat their vegetables or devising a system to get everyone out the door on time in the morning, moms are always looking for ways to make their lives easier.

Some of the best mom hacks come from our own clever moms, while others come from TikTok. 

What are some mom hacks?

You can tailor mom hacks to every stage of your child’s life, from newborn to teenager. And there are some for every situation — whether you’re tackling potty training, sleep regression, or just trying to stay on top of organizing your home! 

What are the best mom hacks for babies? 

Babies go through a crazy amount of development in their first year, so you’ll need a million tricks up your sleeve to keep up with their changing demands! Here are some of our faves. 

1. Hot glue your baby’s bath toys 

Traditional baby bath toys are a hygiene nightmare as mold quickly grows inside them when they’re left damp. Solve this problem by using a glue gun to seal those squirters shut. Go with a low-heat gun to avoid melting the toys. The result? Your kids will still love their rubber duckies, and you don’t need to worry about their health. 

2. Use an old sports bra to DIY a handsfree pumping bra

Breastfeeding hacks are essential for postpartum moms, especially if you’re trying to ease the pain of engorgement or increase your milk supply. If you’re using a pump, cut a slit into an old sports bra to hold your flanges in place so that you work while pumping hands-free. You can even do other things around the house while pumping. A bonus tip is to have extra pump parts so that you don’t have to wash them as often.

3. Use a laundry basket in the bath 

Do you know that annoying period where your baby is too big for the baby bath but too small for the regular tub? Solve this by lining a plastic laundry basket with a towel and placing it in the bath! It’ll make bath time a breeze!

4. Wet wipe elastic band trick

Fed up with pulling a never-ending string of wet wipes out of the packet when you only need one? Use a single elastic hair band, place it around the middle of your wet wipe packet, and the problem is solved! 

@hollieteddyandremyx The best mum hack ever.. seriously you need to do this 🙌🏼 #mumlife #autismmum #senmum #mumsoftiktok #autism #wetwipes #mumhack #mumhacks ♬ This Is How We Do It – Montell Jordan

5. Store baby wipes upside down 

Another tip you’ll love if you’re using water-based wipes is to store them upside down. This stops them from drying out before you’ve finished the packet! Don’t worry if you forget – you can massage the container to disperse the liquid. 

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6. Clip baby’s nails when they’re sleeping in a carrier 

Clipping your baby’s nails can be an ordeal – you’re working with such a small area, and they love to wriggle! Along with making sure you’re using clippers with a light, another trick is to get trimming when baby is safely in an Amazon Baby Bjorn – bonus points if you can get to work while they’re sleeping. 

7. Use a command hook on the back of a high chair to store bibs

Do you struggle to find the perfect place in your kitchen to house your bibs? Once weaning has started, you’ll need an endless supply to hand, so where better to keep them than the back of the high chair? Attach a command hook, and it’s as simple as that! 

8. Soothe teething troubles with frozen yogurt 

If your little one is suffering from teething troubles, this mom hack will soothe their gums. Take a yogurt pot out of the fridge and use a medicine dispenser to squeeze pea-sized dollops onto a plate. Freeze for 30 minutes as a chilled treat to ease the pain of teeth-cutting. 

@homewithtayx Had to try this as soon as I seen it!🤩 IC – @Clean_with_EmilyJane #teethinghacks #babytok #momhack #momsoftiktok #fyp #foryoupage #toddlers #viral ♬ Photograph – Ed Sheeran

9. Make grapes safe for baby with this cutter 

Whole grapes are a serious choking hazard for babies and older children too. Take the stress out of chopping them down to a safer size by using this handy grape slicing tool. It’s super convenient, bladeless, and also works on cherry tomatoes and strawberries.

10. Use a baby formula machine for quick-and-easy nighttime feeds 

Waking up in the night to feed your baby is brutal. And if you’re using formula, you’ll know how tricky it is to measure the right amounts in a hurry, all while you’re half asleep. Make your life easier by using a formula dispenser machine to deliver an automatic, warmed bottle – you’ll never go back to manual again. 

What are the best mom hacks for toddlers? 

Mom hacks for toddlers are essential because, as you may have heard, this age can definitely be tricky (although still super cute!)  From babyproofing to bedtime hacks, we’ve got you covered. 

11. Use painter’s tape as door knob cover

Ever been locked out by a toddler? After Googling to figure out how to pick a lock, tape the lock with painter’s tape. It’s less expensive and less of a hassle than buying a toddler door knob cover. 

12. Say goodbye to nightmares by making a monster spray 

A water bottle decorated with stickers is enough to make any toddler smile – but what if it also helped them sleep better by chasing monsters and bad dreams away?

Mix a teaspoon of lavender oil with water in a spritz bottle, and let your little one spray their room before bedtime. The lavender scent will help to soothe and relax them, leading to a better night’s sleep. Better yet, there are no dragons or monsters in sight!

13. Use the sticker method to teach your kids the left and right shoe 

It’s great once your toddler is independent enough to put their own shoes on. But not so great when you don’t have the heart to tell them they’re on the wrong feet!

Make it easier on them by slicing a large sticker straight down the middle. Put the left side in the left shoe and the right side in the right shoe. They’ll never have wonky feet again!  

Baby-proofing equipment can be pricey, so you’ll love this simple homemade way to keep those cupboard doors firmly closed and secure. Take a plastic cookie cutter and position it firmly around the handles to keep little hands out! 

15. Make a marshmallow cold pack for ouchies 

If your toddler falls and hurts themselves, reach for the sweet treats. It might sound odd, but a DIY cold pack made from a bag of marshmallows and a little water will give them the relief they need. Simply wet the marshmallows, pop them in a freezer bag, and tie them tightly. When your kiddo next takes a tumble, apply the frozen pack for 10-15 minutes at a time. 

16. Stop your toddler from taking off their pajamas and diaper

Does your child love a striptease after you’ve put them to bed? Help them keep their clothes on by wearing a onesie to bed with the zipper or buttons at the back

@whatsupfagans PARENTING HACK! How to prevent your baby from taking off their diaper at night! #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner #momsoftiktok #momhack #babyhack #diaper ♬ SHIMMY SONGTRADR 30 HIT WONDER – Artist manager manager

17. Store sippy cups within your child’s reach 

Maximize independence (and minimize tantrums) by storing their sippy cups within easy reach. Attach hooks to the lower part of your fridge or kitchen cabinets using strong adhesive pads. Your toddler will be able to get their own drinks without any drama. 

18. Special bedtime story voice for faster falling asleep

If bedtime is fast becoming a chore, try using a special bedtime voice to help those dreams come faster. This mom hacks Tiktok vid shows how to adopt a super quiet and slow voice as you read a story to your child. They’ll be in a hypnotic state before you know it! 

@brittany.vasseur Omg this is game changing!! Follow for more #momhacks #momsoftiktok #momsoftiktok #sleeptipsformoms #sleeptipsfortoddlers thank you to @Macy Sapp ♬ Inspiration – TimTaj

19. Switch ice cream for vitamin-packed homemade sorbet 

We all know kids love ice cream, but there’s a way to make it healthier and sneak in some vitamins too. Make a sorbet packed with tasty fruits – it’s cold, it looks like ice cream, and your toddler will love it! 

20. Help your baby to sleep with a banana  

Bananas are rich in potassium and tryptophan, a natural sedative. It also contains magnesium, calcium, and vitamins B6 and C, which all play a role in helping the body to relax. Try giving your baby a banana at bedtime before they brush their teeth. You’ll notice the difference! 

21. Keep track of your toddler in busy places 

Do you worry about losing your kid at the park, the grocery store, the zoo, or anywhere else that’s crowded? Invest in an Apple Air Tag, which connects to your phone, and you’ll always know your toddler’s precise location. 

What are the best mom hacks for staying organized? 

Staying organized at home can be a juggling act when you have little ones running around all the time. But with these mom hacks, you’ll be able to stay on top of your to-do list with ease. 

22. Use doorbells to stop yelling 

Are you sick and tired of yelling for your kids to come downstairs? This mom hacks TikTok video shows how one genius parent devised a doorbell system to alert her kids when she needed their attention. 

@arinsolange There has never been a better #momhack – these little $15 doorbells have made our house so much more pleasant! Linked on my Amazon under ‘home favorites’ #fyp #momsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Arin Solange

23. Use a mesh bag to clean kids’ toys in the washing machine 

If you’re tired of constantly having to pick up your kids’ toys and scrub them individually, this mom hack is for you. Simply pop all the Hot Wheels cars, Barbie dolls, and other small toys into a mesh bag and wash them on a delicate cycle. They’ll come out clean as a whistle!

24. Use olive oil as last-minute shoe polish 

Does your heart sink when you’re rushing out the door and notice your kids’ shoes are scuffed… again? Head to the kitchen because olive oil is a fantastic shoe polish in a pinch. Simply apply it with a soft cloth and buff away any dirt or scuffs.

25. Say goodbye to losing marker tops 

Little kids don’t seem to understand the link between dried-up markers and losing the marker tops. Make it easier for them (and your wallet) by watching this Tiktok video, where the mom superglues the marker tops down to a lipstick holder. Your child may still lose the marker, but it’s much less likely than losing the lid! 

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26. Clever towel folding trick 

Keeping on top of family laundry is a daily battle. But when it comes to your kids’ bath towels, follow this folding technique to ensure yours are neat, tidy, and ready to snuggle into after bathtime. 

@thebalancedabode Check out this little trick! #tidy #fyp #foryou #momsoftiktok #momhack #cleaning #organize #smallbusiness ♬ Stories – Lux-Inspira

27. Invest in a mesh bath toy sorter 

If you’re sick of picking up wet bath toys from the bottom of the tub, this mom hack is for you! A mesh bath toy sorter will let the water drain out while keeping all the toys within reach.

28. Keep your nursery dresser organized  

No more stuffing Onesies and two pieces into drawers! Invest in some fabric drawer dividers, and you’ll turn your dresser into an organized and Pinterest-worthy work of art! Check out this vid to learn some folding techniques

@the_olsons27 Nursery dresser organization hack ‼️ #nurserydresser #dresserorganization #nurseryorganization #nurseryorganizationtips #nurseryideas #momhack ♬ Coastline – Hollow Coves

29. Use a lunchbox with dividers 

Individually wrapping every item in your child’s lunchbox is both time-consuming and not great for the planet. Instead, use a lunchbox with built-in dividers so you can pack a bunch of snacks at once. Such a time-saver in the mornings! 

30. Use a dustpan to sweep up small toys 

Take a look at your living room floor. Is it covered in random small toy parts, marbles, and Lego bricks? If you have a small baby with an older sibling, you’ll know how dangerous those little bits can be for wandering hands.

The easiest way to deal with them is to scoop them all up using a dustpan. Or, if you’re feeling really brave, some moms use a vacuum with a clean and empty barrel! 

31. Time how long it takes your kids to tidy their rooms 

It’s rare to find a kid who loves to keep their bedroom tidy and organized. But how about turning it into a fun game instead?

You’ll time how long it takes them to put away their toys, and they might be motivated to do it quicker next time! Who has the fastest bedroom-tidying record in the house? Ignite that competitive spirit and see how much it helps! 

What are the best mom hacks for entertaining your kids? 

Keeping your children occupied is a constant head-scratcher, especially during long summer holidays or when it’s raining. How can you entertain them without spending a small fortune? 

32. Cut up pool noodles to create a fruit loop bath 

This activity isn’t just for bathtime; you could enjoy a bit of water play at any point in the day. Head to your nearest dollar store and pick up some cheap noodle floats for pools. Choose bright colors for variation, then chop them into small pieces to put in your bath or paddling pool. Give the kids a net and let them go fishing in their fruit loop bath

@celenakinsey Comment a name for this #kidsactivities #momhack #momtips #momtip #dollartreediy #sensoryplay #pinterestmom ♬ Monsters, Inc – Gustav Lundgren & Unit

33. Fly swatter painting 

Fly swatter painting is such a low-maintenance, mess-free activity for summer. Set up outdoors with an old shower curtain, some fly swatters, and washable paint. Have the kids take aim and admire their artwork. 

@momlikeaboss_ Keeping kids entertained all summer I got you 😉 #momhack #summeractivities #dollartreehack #summeractivities #easytoddleractivity #sensoryplay #toddlerhack @momlikeaboss_ ♬ Energetic And Happy – KLM Music

34. Mess-free toddler art using Ziploc bags 

We all want to give our kids the opportunity to enjoy creative, enriching experiences, but often artwork is messy. If this is a problem for you, squirt colorful paints (the more, the merrier) onto a sheet of paper, then carefully seal it shut inside a Ziploc bag. Encourage your child to finger-paint through the plastic, smearing the different shades all around. They’ll have so much fun, and there’s zero mess to clear away! 

@mothercould How did I do as a toddler? 😜 #momsoftiktok #momlife #tiktokmom #momhack #toddler #viral #ot #kidsactivities ♬ More Happy – The Hollister Jean Lab

35. Level up your water table experience by going fizzy 

Get hours more play out of your water table by adding ice and baking soda to create a fun Arctic scene. Your little ones will love adding dinosaurs, animals, and other toy figures to the fizzy water display

@celenakinsey Comment activities for us to try! #sensoryplay #summeractivitiesforkids #summeractivities #outdooractivities #momtips #momhacks ♬ Chillest in the Room – L.Dre

36. Make your own reusable sight words tic tac toe game 

Looking for a great way to practice sight words like “the” or “and”? Grab a spare piece of cardboard, laminate it using sticky tape, and then use a marker to add your sight words instead of Xs and Os. Game over? Wipe clean and start again. 

@kidsfunlearning Create this fun learning activity in 5 minutes! Perfect to take it anywhere ❤️ #momtips #learnontiktok #kidsactivities #momhack #kinder #learnthroughplay #prek ♬ Seen It All – Nike Featuring Chong The Nomad

37. Make teeth hygiene more fun with this monster teeth-brushing activity 

If you have a reluctant teeth-brusher on your hands, practice taking care of monster teeth with this fun learning resource. You’ll stick (or draw) monsters onto a piece of cardboard, glue beans down, and then brush away! When the fun’s over, we bet your little one will be keen to show you how to brush their own!

@craftymoms 👻A spooky tip for our little ones! #momhack #learnontiktok #momtips #toddlermom #spiritday #kidsactivities ♬ This Is Halloween – Hairy & Scary Creatures

38. Excavate dinosaurs using balloons filled with frozen water 

This icy fun involves filling balloons with water and a small plastic dinosaur. Leave them to set in the freezer, then snip and peel the balloon away. The final step is to excavate your dinosaur by chop, chop, chopping it out of its frozen cage. 

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39. Always have indoor games up your sleeve 

Don’t you hate it when you have a park day planned and then the rain hits? But staying indoors doesn’t always have to mean hours of screen time. Not when you have an array of oh-so-simple indoor activities to pick up. Watch this Tiktok video for some of the best ideas.

@kidsfunlearning Have kids stuck at home?! You must try these! 🤩 #kidsactivities #indoorgames #indooractivities #momhacks #tiktokmoms #bestideasforkids #momtips ♬ Kimi No Toriko – Rizky Ayuba

40. Make homemade chalk paint 

Fed up with finding broken bits of chalk all over your backyard? Put them to use by making chalk paint. You’ll place chalk pieces of similar colors into a Ziploc bag, then crush them using a hammer. Add the powder to a cup of water and use your new chalk paint to your heart’s content. 

@lauren.clutter Outside Activities for Littles Part 1️⃣: Homemade Chalk Paint #kidsactivities #parentinghacks #momcontent #momtips #getoutside #momlife ♬ original sound – Lauren

41. Make playdough using food items 

You don’t need to buy expensive playdough because it’s pretty easy to make at home. Collect basic ingredients, including flour, salt, cream of tartar, oil, and food coloring. This recipe will show you how to blend them to the perfect consistency of playdough

@mothercould Will you try it? Best play dough recipe ever! #learnontiktok #ot #momhacks #sensoryplay #kidsactivities ♬ Tropical – SUDI

What are the best mom hacks for easy travel? 

Long journeys and kids aren’t often a match made in heaven. But these easy ways will make your road trip more bearable for both you and your little ones at any age. 

42. Pack outfits in Ziploc bags when traveling 

Organize your clothes in advance and know exactly which pair of pants goes with which shirt. This will save you time and stress when getting dressed in the morning, especially if you’re jet-lagged. Simply pop each outfit into a Ziploc bag, then store them all in your suitcase. You could even label each bag with the day you’ll be wearing the clothes.

43. Pack chips for the car ride 

If you have more than one child and only one bag of chips to share in the car, here’s an easy way to split the bag. Heat a sharp knife, slice it carefully down the middle of a plastic bag and watch as it reseals before your eyes. Now you have two bags of chips and no one screaming about wanting to hold the bag! This mom hack is epic.

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44. Create a beach play area using a fitted sheet 

Keep your smaller children contained at the beach by bringing along a fitted double bed sheet with you. Prop each elastic corner with an appropriate item like a water cooler or beach bag, and fill the sheet area with beach toys. 

45. Always keep an emergency bag in the car 

There’s nothing worse than being stuck somewhere without the supplies you need. Even worse if it’s overnight. Plan ahead by keeping a handy bag filled with snacks, water, wipes, a change of clothes, and anything else you might need in case of a long journey or detour. Don’t forget to update the contents regularly, so those snacks don’t go out of date, and the clothes aren’t too small.

46. Bring a stroller fan and water bottle to keep cool

A small hand fan and a spray bottle will ensure you and your family are always misty cool, even in hot and humid conditions. Watch some more essential summer comfort tips here.

@momlikeaboss_ Adjust Swim Diapers for the Win 😊 Check out my Beach essentials under “Shop my Videos” #beachessentials #momhacks #beachbag @momlikeaboss_ ♬ Pumpkins – Chris Alan Lee

47. Pack tray table covers for a germ-free flight 

You know the feeling when your child is desperate to do a quiet coloring activity, and you open up the airplane table only to discover it’s full of crumbs you can see and germs you can’t. A hygienic solution is to invest in these disposable tray table covers – they won’t take up much space in your carry-on luggage. 

@ourtravelingtots Germs, germs go away 🦠 #travelhacks #traveltips #momhack #cleantok #travelmom #toddlertravel #airplanetravel ♬ Still Don’t Know My Name – Labrinth

48. Use an inflatable pillow to turn your seat into a baby bed 

If your infant needs sleep, but you don’t have access to an in-flight crib, this amazing mom hack quickly turns your seat into a bed. You’ll blow up an inflatable travel pillow to squeeze between the space at the end of your seat, then settle your little one down to enjoy their new travel bed. 

@craftymoms If you are flying with a baby you need to see this ✈️ #momhack #momtips #toddlermom #momhacks #flyhack ♬ Under the Sun – Kylie Odetta

49. Create activity packs for long car journeys 

It doesn’t take much time or money to put together the world’s most fun activity pack for a long journey. Head to your nearest dollar store and stock up on a small plastic bucket to fill with stickers, coloring books, mini play dough pots, Hot Wheels cars, or anything else that speaks to you. Say goodbye to “Are we nearly there yet?” when you follow this top tip!

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50. Pack a pop-up potty in your car 

Whether you’re in the middle of potty training or have a fully trained youngster, there’s nothing worse than being caught short when you’re out in the car without access to a toilet. This Tiktok potty training hack shows exactly how to pack a pop-up potty for this eventuality. 

@momlikeaboss_ Check out #pottytrainning essentials list this thing is an actual life saver 😊 #momhack #roadtriphacks #momlife #carorganization #momcar #carhacks ♬ som original – leh 💋 (Taylor’s Version)

51. Use a thermos to keep your ice pops extra cool 

If you’re making fresh fruit ice pops at home, store them in a thermos to keep them icy for longer. Fill the thermos with water, pop your fruit in, and screw on the lid. Now they won’t melt as quickly, giving you more time to enjoy them when you’re out and about. 

@athomewithshannon BEST SUMMER HACK for PACKING A COOLER ☀️ SuperMom Summer Series Episode 8! #summerhack #summer #momhacks #beachhack #beachhacks #momsoftiktok ♬ About Damn Time – Lizzo

Best cleaning hacks for busy moms

These cleaning hacks will be a complete game changer for you as a busy mom with little time. Here are some hacks that’ll help you get more done in less time.

52. Use a spin scrubber

When it comes to cleaning, the next best thing to the robotic vacuum is the Spin Scrubber.

The older that I get, the more evident it becomes that getting on your hands and knees to scrub a tub and shower isn’t practical. That’s where the Spin Scrubber comes in. 

This chargeable cleaner allows you to scrub your shower and tub without the painful and time-consuming manual labor. It has an extended handle that allows you to reach where you need to clean with the risk of falling.

It is the ultimate time-saver when it comes to cleaning. And, the fact that my husband uses it tells me that it makes cleaning more enjoyable.

53. ​Use cloth diapers vs. disposable cleaning rags

I’m sure you probably weren’t expecting to see cloth diapers on the list, but trust me you’ll want them. It’s one of those simple solutions that you’d never think of!

If you want to save money on disposable cleaning rags or paper towels, then purchase cloth diapers in bulk. They can be used for more than just catching poop.

Cloth diapers can be used to clean around the house and to wash cars. They’re so versatile, but the best part is that they’re washable! You don’t have to worry about wasting money when you can just recycle them over and over.

You’ll want to make sure you get the kind without the pad. Those can get a bit bulky and absorb lots of liquid.

54. Invest in a robot vacuum

If you hate cleaning as much as I do, then offloading your vacuuming duties is a win. That’s why I absolutely recommend a robot vacuum cleaner

Our first robot vacuum cleaner was a Christmas gift that completely changed my life. We’ve since upgraded to a Deebot 901 and it is a lifesaver!

This particular brand maps out your home and vacuums based on your floor plan. What’s even cooler is that you can control it from a mobile app and Alexa. 

We simply set it to run in the morning while we’re gone and come back to vacuum-lined carpets and dust-free hardwood floors.

55. Load and go

Save time by putting in a load of laundry before you go out. You’ll then switch it to your dryer as soon as you get back. Depending on how long you plan to be out, set the timer on your washing machine (if you have this feature) so your laundry is fresh and ready to transfer as soon as you return. 

Mom hacks for cooking

Need some time-saving mom hacks when it comes to cooking? Here are some ways that you can 

56. Use a slow cooker for meals

Don’t spend hours over the stove when you can create amazing one-pot meals with a crock-pot or slow cooker. A lot of these are crock-pot meals where you can just throw the ingredients in and let them slow cook for a few hours.

This saves a lot of time when you can just throw your dinner in a pot as a part of your morning routine.  It’s one less thing that you’ll have to worry about until the end of the day.

There are so many brands of crock-pots. I just use a simple ceramic like this one that’s easy to clean. If you want to make for an even easier cleanup, I suggest getting crock-pot liners as well.

57. Use meal delivery or pick-up

Face it, who really wants to spend more time on another grocery run? You can save time by opting for grocery delivery or pick-up. As you’re meal planning, simply create your grocery list and order your items online. Either have them delivered to your home or pick them pick them up curbside. 

This is especially a good idea if you’re a new mom and don’t want to leave the house with your new baby. Though delivery may be an extra cost to your groceries, it’s worth the time that it’ll save.


Hopefully, these simple tricks and time saving hacks will help you cut out some extra work as a busy mom. We’ve shown you over 50 of the best mom hacks, but honestly, this just scratches the surface of what’s out there. There are thousands of ideas to try, and we bet you have some great hacks of your own to add to the list.

Which of these mom hacks will you choose? 

We’ve shown you over 55 of the best mom hacks, but honestly, this just scratches the surface of what’s out there. There are thousands of ideas to try, and we bet you have some amazing hacks of your own to add to the list.

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