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25+ Side Hustles to Make Extra Money This Year

Looking for ways to make extra money this year? I’ve got you covered!

It’s never too late to start thinking about ways to make extra money. In this post, I’ll share over 25 ways that you can make extra money leveraging side hustles and passive income ideas.

This is just a small portion of side hustle options out there, so feel free to check out my epic list of other side hustles.

Nonetheless, here are some ways that you can make some extra cash this season!

25+ Ways to Make Extra Cash this Year

1. House sit in your neighborhood

So what exactly do house sitters do? Well, house sitters get paid to look after someone’s home and pets and take care of maintenance duties while they’re away.

Sites like Trusted House Sitters allow you to create a profile to find house-sitting jobs in your area. According to, most house sitters charge $25-$45 per day, with some charging more based on responsibility.

2. Open up a shaved ice stand

A few weeks ago, some guys in our neighborhood set up a little shack and started selling shaved ice. Within a few days of opening, the place was packed! Their low cost building on the side of a gas station had become a main attraction as the weather warmed up.

My sister and I did the same when were kids. We managed the snag an old school ice shave machine from my uncle. We purchased the syrup from a wholesale shop and sold snow cones to our cousins.

Find a place to set up your shop and leverage social media to market your new business venture. Consider high traffic locations, like pools, parks, and beaches. More importantly, don’t forget to get the proper licensing and permits!

3. Become a travel agent

As warm weather approaches, there will be an influx in travel across the world. Why not make someone’s life easier by planning their travel for them?

Travel agents handle the logistics of booking transportation, accommodations, and excursions for a traveler or group of travelers.

If you’re a travel connoisseur and can provide recommendations for various destinations, this is a great opportunity to make some extra money. This can also turn into a full-time business if you continue to get clients throughout the year.

4. Baby sit

Offer to babysit kids in the neighborhood while parents have a date night.

Create a profile on sites like and start by offering to watch kids in your neighborhood. Have them review your services to build up your ratings to expand your reach to other areas. Depending on where your live, you can charge as much as $25 per hour.

5. Sell stock images

If you’re traveling to some cool places, take your camera with you! You can sell your high-quality images online to websites that sell stock photos.

You can sign up to be a Shutterstock or Adobe Stock contributor for free! You’ll earn royalties from your photos each time someone purchases them.

6. Start a kiddie carpool

Come to the rescue and offer transportation services for your neighborhood. Think of it as Uber for kids!

You’ll need to make sure that your background check and driving record is squeaky clean before parents will trust you. If you’re not ready to start your own business, become a driver for an established one.

7. Deliver food & groceries

Pick up a food or grocery delivery job during the evenings and weekends. Companies like Shipt, Uber Eats, and Bite Squad are popular services that I’ve seen in my area.

Shipt boasts rates as high as $22/hr as a shopper. Just pick up and deliver exactly what your customer orders and you’ve officially done your job. Easy money!

8. Offer pet sitting & dog walking services

If you’re a dog owner and dog lover, this one may be right for you. Sites like make it easy for you to connect with other pawrents who need someone to check on, walk, feed, or board their dog while they’re away.

Create a profile and start getting leads from people in your area. Make sure you’re great with your customer service so that you get rave reviews and more clients. You can earn as much as $40 per day or more based on your area.

9. Airbnb your extra room or house

If you live in a high tourist city, you can rent out your empty bedroom or whole house to travelers. People are no longer just looking for hotel options for their vacations. Airbnb is as popular and utilized as hotels.

Offer to rent out your space and make some extra cash.

Make sure you fully understand the ins and out of Airbnb before you jump in. But if you’re comfortable with strangers in your home, you can stand to make lots of extra money!

10. Mow lawns & landscape

Now that winter is gone, everyone will want the best yard in the neighborhood. Mowing and landscaping services will be in high demand as the temperature starts to warm up.

You can leverage this demand and offer landscaping services like lawn mowing and mulching. Market to homeowners who don’t have the time or desire to manage their own lawns.

Offer weekly subscription plans so that your funds are recurring! You can set them up as customers in Square and their payments will automatically be deducted.

11. Plan/coordinate events and weddings

All you need is a knack for organization, logistics, and communication for this side hustle.

Give the host a break and handle everything for them. You can charge an hourly rate for coordinating events; however, I recommend charging a flat fee for doing day of wedding coordination and planning.

Day of wedding coordinators can make as much as $600 or more to take away the bride’s stress for the day. Remember, the more experience that you have in the area, the more you can charge.

12. Offer pickup & delivery services

Besides food and groceries, there are other daily items that you can deliver around the neighborhood. You can charge to pick up dry cleaning, mail, or even pets to grooming appointments.

Literally, think of anything that someone would need to have picked up or delivered and offer to do it for them at a fee. Be sure to account for your time and your mileage.

13. Start a photography side hustle

Do you own a DSLR camera? If so, dust off your lenses and offer up your photography services.

With the weather being nice and flowers in bloom, families would love to have outdoor photos taken. You can offer 1-hour photoshoots for $100 or more.

Limit the number of photos that you provide so that your time spent editing is minimal. Also, centralize the area that you take these photos so that the cost of travel doesn’t become an issue.

Customers can pay a deposit in advance or pay on the spot with a Square card reader.

14. Wash & detail cars

Grab your rag and bucket and start a carwash service in your neighborhood. Offer to wash your neighbors’ cars right at their house. If you’re fancy, you can even start a mobile service.

This low start-up side hustle only requires that you have some safe cleaning products, rags, a bucket, and water.

15. Become a private tutor

School may be out, but the learning doesn’t stop. Offer tutoring services to help kids get back on track or ahead for the next school year.

You can tutor online or offer in-home services.

Tutors can make upward of $45 per hour for high school students and even $85 or more if they’re a teacher. If you niche down your tutoring can charge even more.

Don’t forget that college students will be studying for the MCAT, LSAT, and every other entrance exam imaginable! Offer services just for them and up your fee.

16. Deliver packages for Amazon

Did you know that you can earn $18-$25 per hour delivering packages for Amazon through their Amazon Flex program?

You’ll get paid to deliver products to customers. The cool thing is that you can set your own schedule! You can sign up for Flex here.

17. Clean houses

Molly Maid doesn’t have to be the only cleaning service in town. Start your own clean services for homeowners or businesses in your city.

With people busy traveling and hosting events, they’d be more than happy to pay someone else to do the dirty work.

For businesses, you can work after hours emptying out trash cans and vacuuming floors.

18. Become a tour guide

If you’re in a city with lots of tourist attractions, this can be an option for you. Brush up on your city knowledge and lead tour groups across town.

You can register with sites like Tours by Locals as a tour guide in your city for almost anywhere in the world! Why not get paid to show others around a city that you know best.

19. Become a lifeguard

If you can swim and know CPR, becoming a lifeguard is an option for you. Pick up some extra hours at your local pool. On a good day, you won’t have to do anything besides watch and make sure everyone is swimming safely. If you’re going to be at the pool anyway, why not make some extra money while being there?

20. Take online surveys

I recently picked up this side hustle and have already started making money. I personally signed up for Swagbucks so that I can get some gift cards and cash in exchange for my thoughts.

These surveys can take as little as 5 mins to complete and you’ll earn points toward your cashback.

If you’re into cashback, I also suggest signing up for Rakuten. You’ll get money back for purchases made online when you use their site or app. You literally can shop almost anywhere and get your money back.

I share how we used this app to get over $600 back from booking out travel through Rakuten.  You can get $20 cash when you sign up here. Who doesn’t want to make extra cash from shopping?

21. Become an Uber or Lyft driver

If you have a license, 4-door vehicle, and driving experience you’ve met the minimum requirements to be an independent driver for Uber or Lyft.

If you don’t mind picking up passengers and having strangers ride in your car, it’s a great way to make some extra cash.

Depending on the city that you live in, you can make several dollars an hour for your chauffeuring services.

22. Sell your DIY items at the market or on Etsy

Are you a DIYer? Sell your makes online or at your local market. You can use online marketplaces like Etsy, Ebay, or even Facebook to sell your handmade goods. Selling your work is always a great way to make extra cash.

23. Decorate for events

Got a knack for decor? Provide event decor services. Make sure that you have a portfolio of work to show, then go for it!  

You can always find inexpensive decor from places like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Joann, or any dollar store. You can upsell your services by offering catering and event coordination services.

Table decor

24. Clean pools

Make some extra money by keeping pools clean for homeowners.

It’s a good idea to take a class in spa and pool operations so that you know exactly what you’re doing. Once you’re certified, get insurance and equipment and start cleaning! You’re bound to make extra money with this side hustle during the summer months!

25. Become a mover

Families tend to move during the summer months when kids are out of school. Use this as an opportunity to make extra cash by helping them move.

You don’t have to start your own company to do this. Just pick up some hours with a local company in your city. You can make about $13 an hour as a mover.

26. Become a fitness trainer

While everyone is trying to get there beach body ready, you can help them do it. If you’re into health and fitness, you can offer services as a personal trainer.

Be sure to take the necessary classes to become certified to market yourself as one. Once you have the proper credentials, you can offer in-home services to some high-end clients. These gigs can pay up to $25 per hour or more.

Personal training to make extra money

Summary of ways to make extra money

There are lots of ways that you can make extra money this year. This list is just a start. I encourage you to get creative and to leverage what’s around you to start your side hustle.

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