45 Best Home-Based Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Moms

Are you a stay-at-home mom looking for some home-based business ideas? Well, you’re in luck!

I’ve created a list of over 40 business ideas that you can use to start making money from home.

Many of these are business ideas that I’ve personally used and still use as a stay-at-home mom.

Having a home-based business is the perfect way to be able to bring in income, while not having to sacrifice time away from your family.

The good news is that starting a profitable home-based business for moms is easier now than ever.

You can literally start and run businesses from your laptop or phone—at least that’s what I do.

Now, outside of making money, there are actually more benefits to starting a home-based business.

So, let’s start there.

Why should you start a home-based business?

Not only does a home-based business allow you to bring in additional income for your family on a flexible schedule, but it is a great way to lower your taxable income.

Taxes are the number one expense in every family, so the more that you can do to reduce it, the more income you’ll have for your financial goals.

If you want to learn more about how you can lower your taxes with a home-based business, I recommend checking out the book Lower Your Taxes by former IRS attorney Sandy Botkin.

Now that you know why you should start your business, here are some ideas to try.

45 Home-Based Business Ideas For Stay-at-Home Moms

In this list, you will find ideas that you’ve likely never seen or even considered. If you have any questions about any of the home-based business ideas listed, be sure to leave any questions in the comments below.

1. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) is someone who provides administrative support to a person or business remotely. This is great if you’re organized, a great communicator, and can manage multiple projects at once.

I’ve personally hired virtual assistants to manage my email inbox, schedule social media posts, do light graphic design work, collect data, and more. So if you have these skills, becoming a virtual assistant is something that you should consider.

Many moms have built five and six-figure businesses from their homes as virtual assistants. In fact, in our post on how to become a virtual assistant with no experience, I share how Abbey Ashley of Virtual Savvy turned her VA business into a multi-seven-figure business. (Yes, she makes MILLIONS)!

She is pretty much the go-to person for all things virtual assistance and starting a VA business. She helps other moms learn how to start their own VA business so that they can also have time and financial freedom.

I suggest grabbing her FREE virtual assistant checklist & starter kit to learn how you can start your own VA business. She also has a Become Booked Out Webinar that you can enroll in if you’re really ready to get started.

2. Proofreading

Do you enjoy reading? If so, becoming a proofreader might be the perfect home-based business for you.

A proofreader is someone who ensures that written content is free of grammatical, punctuation, spelling, and other types of errors. They can also correct for proper formatting and word use.

You don’t have to have formal training to do this, but there are courses that you can take to become proficient at it. 

Our post on how to become a proofreader has a lot more details on how you can get started with this online business.

3. Freelance Writing

Writing is another great way that you can make money from home.

Freelance writing has been one of the many ways that I’ve been able to make money from home as a stay-at-home mom. I’ve made as much as $600 per month simply from writing articles for other blogs.

That’s certainly enough money to pay off some debt and even cover some expenses.

Of course, you can always take up more jobs that will allow you to make more money.

The cool thing about freelance writing is that it’s not just writing articles. You can also write books to sell online, which is something that I’ve done.

You can learn more about this strategy and all the ways to make money online from writing in our post on how to make money from writing.

4. Flipping

Flipping is nothing more than reselling items for a higher price than you purchased them for.

This is definitely a great business idea if you’re a mom who coupons. You can purchase your items on sale and resell them via a garage sale at a high price.

Rob and Melissa Stephenson of Flea Market Flippers actually built a six-figure business by simply reselling items that they purchased from (you guessed it) flea markets…and thrift stores.

They actually have a free training where they help you figure out if flipping items is right for you and teach their strategy for making it a profitable venture. They also have another training on how to make $100/week flipping that you can check out as well.

If reselling items seems like a business that you’d be interested in, I suggest reading our guide to reselling clothes and checking out our articles on the best items to flip online.

5. Sell Digital Products

Selling digital products is one of the ways that I generate income in my own home-based business.

I’ve literally made thousands of dollars in extra income in a month from selling things like printables, courses, and digital downloads.

The benefit of selling digital products is that you can make money without being present. And, once you’ve created a product, you can sell it an infinite number of times without running out.

I go into a LOT more detail in our post on how to start selling digital products. You can also check out my course, Profitable Printables, to learn how you can make money from these digital products.

6. Starting an Etsy Shop

Another great way to make money from home online is with an Etsy shop.

I absolutely love selling on Etsy. It’s another way that I’m able to make passive income and not even think about it.

I recommend Etsy specifically to moms who don’t necessarily want to create their own website just to make money online. Etsy has a built-in audience and systems that allow you to sell products with ease.

I’ve personally made over $1,800 by simply selling digital products on Etsy.

There are so many things that you can sell on Etsy! My favorite things to sell on Etsy are digital products. Although, dropshipping t-shirts on Etsy is another option as well.

I recommend checking out our post on ways to make money on Etsy for even more ideas and our step-by-step guide for selling digital products on Etsy.

7. Blogging

Starting a blog is another great home-based business idea for stay-at-home moms. In fact, this blog is one of the reasons that I am able to be a stay-at-home mom.

I’m sure you’re wondering how you can make money blogging, right?

Well, I’ve already shared one way, which is selling your own digital products. Another way to make money as a blogger is with affiliate marketing and ad revenue.

Affiliate marketing is when you earn a commission for recommending products and services to your readers. You can earn ad revenue when your site gets a significant amount of traffic. Advertisers will pay you for ad placement on your site.

If blogging is a business that you’re interested in, I recommend reading our post on how to start a blog for beginners. If you need some inspiration, you should also read our post on four moms who’ve turned their blogs into 6-figure businesses.

8. YouTube

YouTube is almost like starting a blog. But instead of writing blog posts, you’re making videos instead.

I’ve had a YouTube channel since 2011 and have been able to make consistent income from it in recent years.

If you’re not camera-shy and have some valuable content to share, it’s worth giving a try. You can check out my YouTube channel to see the kind of videos that I post for inspiration.

We also have an article on how to start a YouTube channel from scratch if this is a business that you want to get started.

9. Podcast Editing

With the boom of podcasting, there is a huge need for podcast audio editors.

As a podcast editor, you’ll do things like leveling out the sound, removing audio, mixing, and mastering. So if you have experience in audio production or can learn quickly, there is tons of money to be made. 

As a podcaster, I’ve gotten quotes from editors ranging from $35 all the way up to around $200 per episode. You can literally learn to do this by watching videos online and practicing. (That’s how I learned!)

Once you’ve built up your skills and are confident in your ability to edit, promote your services on websites like Fiverr.

Fiverr is a freelancer marketplace that you can use to promote your services to potential customers. I also recommend joining Facebook groups where you can interact with podcasters and potential clients.

10. Social Media Manager

Everyone is on social media, including businesses. Millions of businesses use social media to market every single day. Because of that, they need help managing these marketing efforts. 

As a social media manager, you can use your skills to create social media graphics, post content, reply to comments, and track important social media data to help with marketing.

This business will require some creative and technical skills, but it’s nothing out of reach. In fact, there are apps like Canva to help create graphics and even schedule content.

You can promote your business on Fiverr or network within social media groups.

11. Digital Ads Manager

If becoming a social media manager interests you, then take it a step further by becoming a digital ads manager.

As a digital ads manager, you’ll be responsible for paid advertising campaigns for companies. This would include creating ad images or videos, writing ad copy, managing the ad budget, and ensuring results.

This is a skill that you can definitely learn and one that I’ve learned over the years. There are tons of free YouTube videos and courses that can help you get started.

You’ll want to show potential clients that you can get results. So, I suggest testing out your skills with your own business first.

12. Bookkeeping

If you have a knack for numbers and organization, starting a bookkeeping business is another great opportunity. And with today’s bookkeeping software, it’s something that can be done virtually.

As a bookkeeper, you’ll organize financial transactions for businesses. The goal is to ensure that their financial books are in order and account for all of their financial transactions are accounted for.

You’ll categorize expenses and income within a business. You may also issue invoices and accept payments.

You don’t have to be a CPA to become a virtual bookkeeper. There are courses that you can take to learn more about starting a bookkeeping business.

13. Coaching

One of my favorite ways to make money as a stay-at-home mom is by coaching.

As a coach, I work with my clients to get a specific outcome. In my case, it’s launching their own coaching business.

There are coaches in almost any industry. Some examples include:

  • Health Coach
  • Career Coach
  • Parent Coach
  • Business Coach
  • Finance Coach

So if you have expertise that you’d like to share with others to help them solve a problem, turn it into a coaching program or become a consultant for them.

If you’re interested in learning more about starting a coaching business, I recommend grabbing my free training that walks you through launching your coaching program step-by-step.

14. Consulting

Consulting is another home-based business idea that is similar to coaching. For this business, you can use the skills and knowledge that you gained in your career.

As a consultant, you’ll offer expert and strategic advice to businesses and organizations. What you consult on will be based on your expertise and the organization’s needs.

For example, I was a consultant for a community organization that supported moms. I helped them develop a financial education program for their clients based on my experience as a financial educator.

In my case, I charged an hourly rate. However, what you can charge as a consultant is solely up to you, the industry that you’re in, and the client that you’re serving. As you would expect, you can make a lot more money consulting for large corporations than with non-profit organizations.

You don’t need a certification to start a consulting business. You simply need an expertise and a way to market your services.

15. Grant Writing

A grant writer is someone who researches and writes proposals for organizations to receive grant funding.

This can include schools and community organizations that rely on grants to fund their programs and initiatives.

As a freelance grant writer, you may charge a flat fee or by the hour. I’ve personally seen grant writer fees ranging from $45/hr to $200/hr and flat fees as much as $6,000.

Of course, what you charge may be based on your experience level and the amount of funding that you’ll be submitting proposals for.

Granting writing is a great opportunity if you have strong research and technical writing skills.

16. Appointment Setting

The job of an appointment setter is to contact potential clients and schedule calls between them and someone on the company’s sales team. The goal is to generate as many appointments as possible to increase sales.

Appointment setters often cold call, email, or direct message people would be ideal for the services that are being sold. During these conversations, the goal is to share the company’s offer and gauge if the lead is interested. This makes them the first point of content for potential clients.

For this job, you’d typically be using a script or template, but having great communication skills is important. There are training programs that you can enroll in to gain certifications; however, there is no set educational requirement.

The pay will depend on the company that you’ll be working for and the pay structure that you negotiate.

17. High Ticket Sales Closing Freelancer

The role of a sales closer is to finalize sales with a client. It’s the perfect home-based business idea is perfect if you have a sales background.

It’s also something that you can do in combination with being an appointment setter.

Though most high-ticket sales conversations happen over the phone, you can specialize in DM message closing on social media.

The pay as a sales closer varies. You can charge an hourly rate or have a base pay with a commission payment structure. This will be something that you negotiate with your client.

18. Graphic Design

Another great home-based business idea is graphic design. This is a great opportunity if you are an artist or are willing to learn how to design graphics.

Graphic designers create things like logos, apparel, social media graphics, and more!

You can even sell your designs on sites like Creative Market or on Etsy. Or, you can offer design services on marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork. In either case, you can set your own rates and pricing.

19. Web Design

If you’re a graphic designer, you may consider doing web design as well.

The role of the web designer is to design the visual and creative aspects of websites. This would include the layout, color scheme, fonts, and more!

As a web designer, you can design websites for businesses and individuals and set your own rates.

A great way to make this a passive income source is to create templates that your customers can purchase and install themselves.

20. Tutoring

Tutoring is a long-standing business that you can get in on. You can offer tutoring services to help students get back on track or ahead in their classes.

You can tutor online or offer in-home services. Of course, the most flexible option would be to tutor virtually.

If you choose to tutor online, there are several websites that allow you to get paid for tutoring.

Tutors can make upward of $45 per hour for high school students and even $85 or more if they’re a teacher. If you niche down your tutoring can charge even more.

Don’t forget that college students will be studying for the MCAT, LSAT, and every other entrance exam imaginable! Offer services just for them and up your fee.

21. e-Commerce Store

Another business that you can start from home is opening an e-commerce store.

Now, this is just a broad way of saying that you sell items online. This can literally be anything— ranging from dog food to clothes. That options are literally endless.

When it comes to owning an e-commerce, you don’t even have to carry the inventory. You can actually utilize dropshipping to sell items that are stored and fulfilled by a distribution company.

For instance, I once droppedshipped t-shirts on Etsy. I never once held inventory or shipped anything to the customer. I simply came up with the design, created the store, and sold the items.

If you do plan to start an online boutique, you’ll need to grab your wholesale/resale license and incorporate your business.

You’ll likely have to pay taxes for products sold in different states. It’s best to talk to an accountant about this.

22. Laundry Services

Perhaps you can get more excited about laundry if you’re getting paid for it!

Offering laundry services is another home-based business idea that you can do as a stay-at-home mom. With this business, you’d simply need access to a washing machine, dryer, and iron.

You’d simply pick up clothes from your clients, launder them, and deliver them back pressed and folded.

For this service, you can set your rates per bag of laundry.

23. Meal prepping

Another option that you can explore is offering meal prep services.

Sometimes people are just too busy to cook their own meals. Instead, they’d rather pay someone to prepare their meals for them so that they can just heat them up and go.

Take advantage of this market and start offering a healthier, yet convenient, alternative to fast food.

As with any business that involves food preparation, you’ll need to check with your local Department of Health to ensure that you’re within their guidelines.

Nonetheless, you can market your services on social media and drop off orders to your local customers each week.

24. Crafting

If you have a knack for creating beautiful gift baskets or even decorating wreaths, starting a crafting business is right up your alley.

The options of what you can create within a crafting business are unlimited. Some ideas of items that you can sell include:

  • Personalized tumblers
  • Wreaths
  • Gift baskets
  • Custom signs

Again, the possibilities are endless for you and your Cricut machine.

These are all things that you can sell online or at local festivals and events.

25. House Cleaning

There are people who are more than happy to pay someone else to clean their home.

Your pricing can be based on the amount of space being client, specific services, or by hourly rate. Depending on the square footage and what your clients want to be done, you can easily make $200 or more per home.

For this business, you’ll need to have cleaning supplies available for various surfaces and cleaning jobs. You’ll also need to be physically able to do a lot of moving and bending to get the job done. 

You can expand your business by hiring employees to clean homes for you. Think of yourself as the next Molly Maid.

26. House & Pet Sitting

Since you’re already home, why not get paid to watch the homes in your neighborhood? This is something that you can do without much effort.

House sitters get paid to look after someone’s home and pets and take care of maintenance duties while they’re away.

Sites like Trusted House Sitters allow you to create a profile to find house-sitting jobs in your area. According to HouseSitters.com, most house sitters charge $25-$45 per day, with some charging more based on responsibility.

27. Pet Walking

If you’re a dog owner or dog lover, this is a great problem for you to create a business solution for. In your free time, you can walk dogs in your neighborhood—giving them much-needed exercise and play while helping out their owner.

Sites like Rover.com make it easy for you to connect with other “pawrents” who need someone to check on, walk, feed, or board their dog while they’re away. You can earn as much as $40 per day or more based on your area. 

The great thing about this business is that you can service more than one client at a time. This means more money in less time!

28. Catering

There’s never a shortage of opportunities to cater for events.

As a caterer you will plan, prepare, and even serve food for events.

You can market your services for weddings, parties, and even corporate events. Aside from knowing how to cook, you will also need to have a sanitary place to cook food in large volumes. 

Your price will depend on the items that you’ll be serving, the event size, and even travel costs.

Be sure that you have the proper licenses and equipment to stay in business.

29. Home Daycare

The idea of adding more kids to your home may sound daunting. However, if you love caring for kids and more isn’t a problem, consider starting a home daycare business.

There will always be a need for childcare while parents work. So this is a business idea that has a positive outlook and can earn you a significant amount of money.

There are licenses and requirements involved in starting a home daycare center. I recommend reading this comprehensive guide for starting and growing a home-based childcare center.

30. Seamstress

If you already sew as a hobby, then starting a business as a seamstress will be easy to implement. It’s likely that you already have the supplies that you need.

For this business, you’ll need to have a sewing machine, serger, and other sewing notions and supplies.

As a seamstress, you will alter garments for your customers and even make custom garments.

I’ve personally used my sewing skills to earn money making garments and by creating sewing tutorials on YouTube!

For pricing, base it on the services that you provide and its complexity.

31. Notary

Most people are familiar with notaries signing and stamping important documents or conducting wedding ceremonies. This is only a small portion of what a notary actually does.

Notaries also perform:

  • Signature witnessing
  • Oaths and affirmations
  • Acknowledgments
  • Verifications

Notaries can make anywhere from $20 for a notarial act to several thousand dollars based on what service they’re providing.

To become a notary, there are different requirements based on your state. You can learn more about that in our post on how to become a notary.

32. Personal trainer

Translate your love for fitness into a personal training business. As a personal trainer, you coach your clients through workouts and even provide meal recommendations to help them reach their fitness goals.

Being a personal trainer does require the proper certification. However, once certified, you can take clients from your home. I know a few moms who’ve actually converted their garages into mini gyms to train their clients.

You can charge a fee per session or offer fixed-price packages.

33. Independent Insurance Agent or Broker

Did you know that you can make money at home as an insurance agent? This is another home-based business idea to try!

As an independent agent, you’d sell insurance policies from various companies. This means that you will be able to provide the best option to your clients based on their individual needs.

Agents make money based on commission, so what you make depends on your ability to sell and retain clients.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income for insurance agents was just below $50,000 in 2021. But again, since you earn commissions, you can make well into six figures in this business.

34. Sell homemade hair, body care, and beauty products

Creating and selling homemade hair & body care products is a booming side hustle in the beauty industry. Conjure up your best recipes and start selling your products at your local market or online. Check out Lisa Price’s story on how she started Carol’s Daughter (valued at $27MM) doing exactly this!

35. Event coordinator/host

As an event coordinator, you’d manage the logistics for events. This will mean coordinating vendors, speakers, caterers, and the run of show.

This is a great business if you are very detailed, organized, and have great communication skills. Most event coordinators propose rates based on the intricacy of the event.

Whether it’s a cocktail hour or a conference, you can use your gift for hospitality to host epic events that guests will love.

36. Wedding planner

If you’re great at planning events, niche down and become a wedding planner. You can do this from home and only have to be present during rehearsals and the actual wedding ceremony.

37. Interior design

Interior design is definitely a gift. So if you have it, use it. There are people (like me) who would pay someone to put a little spice on their home decor.

38. Event decorator

Whether indoors or outdoors, people will pay to have their events decorated. The professional decor adds a special touch to any occasion. 

Weddings typically top the list for events that employ event decorators; however, baby showers and birthday parties aren’t far behind. Anytime there’s a celebration is an opportunity to secure business.

This business will require that you invest in some decor equipment that can be reused. This means that you’ll need to have adequate space to also store it. 

39. Professional decorator

This new and innovative approach to interior decorating is one that you shop hop on. Parents are now paying local decor companies to adorn their kid’s college dorms with the latest trends. This is a unique small business idea that can stand to make you significant funds during the start of the school year.

40. Teach music lessons (Singing, musical instruments, etc.)

As a musician, I’ve thought about this side hustle more than a few times. In fact, I have paid for music lessons as an adult. If you are gifted in this area, you can offer services from your home or travel to your clients.

41. Professional photographer

Although photography does require some skill, it is something that can be learned. Once you get the hang of it, don’t hesitate to start your own photography business.

Family photos are usually in high demand. You can offer simple 1-hour or less family photo packages for $100 or more. 

You’ll want to limit the number of photos that you provide in your packages so that your time spent editing is minimal. Or, you can outsource your editing to a freelancer on sites like Upwork or Fiverr. You’ll want to vet them and their work before making it a large part of your business plan.

Weddings will also be popular during this time of year. Hone your skills and branch into the very lucrative wedding photography business. 

42. Travel agent

Travel agents handle the logistics of booking transportation, accommodations, and excursions for a traveler or group of travelers.

If you’re a travel connoisseur and can provide recommendations for various destinations, this is a great opportunity to make some extra money.

This home-based business idea will require great communication and organizational skills. So if you have those, go for it!

43. Real estate agent

Being a real estate agent is another lucrative way to make money from home.

Although you will have to spend time doing home showings, it’s a business that you don’t have to do full-time to make a lot of money.

To become a licensed real estate agent, you must complete training and pass the real estate license exam.

44. Massage therapist

Massage therapy is always an in-demand business. Message therapists can set their own hours and you don’t need a physical location.

You can travel to your clients to provide in-home services.

Requirements to become a massage therapist varies by state, but most require hours of training to become licensed.

45. Music Teacher

If you play a musical instrument or sing, you can easily start a business offering music lessons.

You can teach your students how to play instruments or even give singing lessons from your home. For an additional fee, you can also travel to their home to provide lessons as well. It all depends on what you’re comfortable with.

Kids aren’t the only ones who want to learn how to play musical instruments or hone their singing skills. Don’t limit yourself to kids. Market your business to aspiring adult musicians as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much money do stay-at-home moms make?

The amount of money that you can make as a stay-at-home mom running a home-based business is limitless. It all depends on the type of product or service that you offer and how well you market. I’ve personally made as much as $20,000 in one month with my home-based business from blogging, selling digital products, and also offering coaching services.

How do you run an at-home business with kids?

It’s not impossible to run an at-home business with kids at home. It mainly comes down to planning and having a schedule. Obviously, some businesses offer a lot more flexibility than others. Nonetheless, I recommend reading our blog post on different stay-at-home mom schedules to see which one will work for you.

What is a home-based business?

A home-based business is simply a business whose primary office is at the owner’s home. So, although you may have work outside of your home, if your main place of work is your house it can be considered a home-based business.

Which of these home-based business ideas will you try?

Starting a home-based business has so many benefits, especially if you’re a stay-at-home parent. Having your own business allows you to have flexible hours, work from your own home, and in your free time.

Now you have over 40 of the best home-based business ideas with low startup costs. I’ll be adding more to this list as I come across more unique small businesses so be sure to check back!

In the meantime, let’s get started with this easy way that you can make money online.

Fo Alexander

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  1. Keyna Nicole says:

    Thanks for this blog Fo. Amazing writing! I loved reading it.
    I have been working from home with a mini for 8 years now. I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m in Graphic Design and Digital Marketing. For a few years I also had an online product based biz but I found that was too unpredictable, so have gone back to focusing mainly on digital services.
    I’d love to connect and collaborate! x

    1. Fo Alexander says:

      Congrats on being able to do that! Products can be hard if you don’t have consistent traffic from ads or really good SEO. Totally get it!

  2. Thanks for these great business ideas For,I am a mother of 3 and am a stay at home mum I want to start a business of home based baking and juice making but I want to some advice from you on how I can get different clients at large numbers thanx

    1. Fo Alexander says:

      I’d start locally. Start getting customers at local farmer’s markets and fairs. Then consider selling to local shops!

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