Earn Extra Money with Temporary Census Jobs

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The US Census is happening this year and it could be an opportunity for you to make money part-time.

Recently, I received a flyer in the mail recruiting residents to be a census taker. The flyer boasted extra income, flexible hours, weekly pay, and paid training.

This was the perfect kind of opportunity to share with you all.

The census jobs that are available are, of course, temporary. Nonetheless, it is a great opportunity to take advantage of a way to make some extra money.

How do you get a census job in 2020?

In order to get a census job, you’ll need to apply on the 2020census.gov website. 

You must meet the following qualifications in order to apply:

  1. Be at least 18 years or older
  2. Be a US citizen
  3. Have a social security number
  4. Be able to speak, read, and write English
  5. Have a valid email address
  6. Be available to work flexible hours– including evenings, weekends, and days
  7. Pass a criminal background check
  8. Complete required training
  9. If male born after December 31, 1959, you must be registered with Selective Service or have an exemption

Though not a requirement for all jobs, you will need to have access to a computer with the Internet and a driver’s license.

What are the available positions?

Currently, there are a few 2020 census jobs available. The timeline to apply and pay for these jobs vary. 

Census Takers

These are the people who conduct interviews with household residents. They also verify and update address information.

This job will require that you have transportation and be in the field. It may also require that you work evenings and weekends. The work can last from March to July.

Census Field Supervisors

Field supervisors manage the census takers. They are responsible for making sure that the jobs get done in a timely, correct manner.

The hours for this role may vary and also require flexibility. However, there are cases where you may be able to work from home.

Recruiting Assistants

Recruiting assistants will promote employment opportunities within their community. They do this by giving presentations and meeting with agencies & media to share census job opportunities.


This in-office position handles the administrative work related to census jobs. This includes payroll and supporting field and recruitment operations.

If this is something that interests you but you can’t commit to an office environment, I suggest that you consider becoming a virtual assistant.

Office Operations Supervisor

In this role, you will manage the daily operations of the local census office.

This will include supervising office staff, setting work schedules, issuing assignments and more.

How long do US Census jobs last?

Most jobs will last several weeks. However, a job may end promptly if there is a lack of work available. 

How much do you make working for the census?

The pay for census jobs varies by location and position. However, in general, the range is between $14 to up to $30.

The highest paying counties appear to be in California, based on the site’s rate map.

Check the census map below to find out what the pay range is in your state & county.

How will you get paid?

Census employees get paid weekly via direct deposit or via a paycheck. This means you’ll need to have a bank account set up to receive immediate payments.

According to the site, you can expect to get paid 10 to 14 days after your first day of work. After which you’ll receive weekly payments.


If you’re looking for a seasonal or part-time job that can earn up to $30/hr, then taking on a temporary census job may be a great option.

Check the census website to learn more and apply!

If you’re looking for more long term job opportunities with flexible hours, then check out my other posts for ideas. 

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