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6 Best Side Hustles To Make An Extra $1,000+ per month

Let me guess. You’re probably looking for some side hustle ideas for 2021.

Well, you’re in the right place! In this post, I’m going to be sharing the best side hustles for 2021 that can make you at least $1,000 online each month

The truth is that the landscape for side hustles has changed now that we have gone through a global pandemic. 

In fact, in October of 2020, Disney announced that they will be focusing on their streaming services, as opposed to putting money and resources in their parks. After a pandemic, a lot of people still don’t feel safe about going out in public. With this being said, it’s obvious that the way that we do business has completely shifted. 

If Disney, a multi-billion dollar company, is shifting their focus to entertaining people at home, you should be focusing on serving people as they are at home too. 

That means that now, more than ever is a great time to start an online business or online side hustles. 

Many of the side hustles that I’m going to share in this video are online side hustles that you yourself can also do from home. So let’s jump in. 

1. Sell digital products

So this first side hustle is something that I talk about a lot on the blog. Selling digital products is one of the easiest ways that you can make money online as a side hustle. 

As people are continuing to be at home, they’re usually tied to their laptops or their mobile devices. So you want to meet them where they’re at. 

You can do this by creating digital products that can be useful to them. This includes information products, or even like things for entertainment or productivity. 

Some digital product ideas that I’ve shared before including things like spreadsheets, printables, or you can even create courses where you teach people things. The list of digital products that you can create is literally infinite. 

If you’re looking for a way to make extra money in 2021, digital products are sure to be the way that you should go. It is one way that I’m able to make money in my online business.

2. Become a virtual assistant

The second side hustle that you should really consider for 2021 is becoming a virtual assistant. 

I just mentioned how a lot of businesses are focusing on the online space, and how you should too. 

Well, as businesses begin to migrate more on to the online space, they’re going to need help and support. One of the ways that you can be of service and take advantage of that opportunity is to become a virtual assistant. 

A virtual assistant really is an assistant that you would have in person, but virtually. Everything is done via Zoom calls and emails. They do things like checking emails, responding to emails, doing correspondence, managing business administration virtually. 

If you are looking for an opportunity that you can seize as businesses move online, becoming a virtual assistant is definitely one of the ways that you can do that. 

In my blog post on how to become a virtual assistant, I interview one of my friends who is an online business manager and former virtual assistant. She actually breaks down how you can get started and also make upwards of $75 an hour for your services. 

So, if you’re looking for a side hustle where you can get into this wave of the online space, becoming a virtual assistant is definitely one option for you. 

3. Social media manager

The next side hustle that I would recommend is to become a social media manager. 

Everyone is on social media, including businesses. These businesses, in particular, need help managing their accounts. 

They need someone who can post for them on Instagram, who can reply to comments and someone who can post things on YouTube or Facebook.

Businesses are looking for people who can just exclusively post information, create content, interact and engage with their audience, and check out analytics to figure out what’s working and getting the most engagement. 

If you’re good at social media, creating content, scheduling, and engaging with people, this is definitely an option for you. You can do this as a full-time job or you can do it as a side hustle. To start, just set up a profile as a freelancer on websites like Fiverr, or Upwork. 

This is definitely something that you want to jump into as businesses are continuing to move online. Social media is a huge part of online businesses and businesses in general so it’s a side hustle that will be here to stay. 

4. Become a proofreader or a copy editor

The next side hustle that I recommend is to become a proofreader or a copy editor

Again, as people are going online as they are creating online businesses, as they are building websites, there are some people who just need help with making sure their grammar is correct. 

Or if they’re writing a book and ebook, for instance, as a digital product, they need someone to proofread to make sure that the grammar is correct, that everything flows. So proofreading or copy editing, are both side hustles other great options.

You can provide services for people writing books, resumes, magazines, websites, literally anything that has written content!

If you have a knack for catching grammatical errors, if you are an excellent writer, or if you like to read, this is a great opportunity for you to use those skills and monetize them as a proofreader or copy editor. 

5. Become a copywriter

If you’re great at writing, you can also become a copywriter. 

These are people who write content on behalf of businesses or individuals. For instance, a copywriter would write the content for a sales page, or they could write the caption for social media posts. 

If these are any skills that you have, definitely leverage them as a side hustle in 2021. The industry for this has grown tremendously and you want to jump in as people continue to grow their businesses online. There will always be a need for copywriters and other freelance writers.

You can read my article on how to make money writing to learn other ways you can apply this skill to make money online.

6. Offer delivery services

The last side hustle that I think is going to still be important for 2021 is delivery services. 

Again, people are going to still be at home as we transition back to some sense of normalcy. Many families are still going to be very conservative about going out, especially in large crowds, and some people will still not want to go to the grocery store or restaurants. 

This means that you have an opportunity to fill in a gap. 

You can deliver products for people through services like Shipt, or you can even do Amazon Flex where you can deliver Amazon packages.

If you are looking for a side hustle that allows you to get out of the house, that is an option for you. 

With this side hustle, you can use your own vehicle, work your own hours, and you can earn money simply by dropping people’s groceries off or their packages. 

Final thoughts on the best sides hustles for 2021

Those are my top side hustle recommendations for 2021.

As I mentioned, I truly believe that we are going to be on a very slow transition back into normalcy. Anything that you can do online or to help people who are still at home will be a lucrative side hustle. 

Each of these side hustles has the potential to make you a significant amount of money. I encourage you to check out my other articles for more side hustle ideas.

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  1. Ahh I feel like managing a social media account is pretty doable and flexible enough to fit into my daily schedule, I wonder if they take part-time workers. I don’t think I’ve seen any of them offering to hire temp workers

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