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60+ Confidence Boosting Affirmations for Moms

It’s no secret that motherhood is a hard, yet rewarding journey. In those tough moments, leveraging positive affirmations for moms can really help change our perspective. 

I’ve learned that how we view the daily challenges that we encounter as moms will determine how well we navigate through them. Having affirmations are like mini pep talks to get us through the meltdowns, tantrums, teenage mood swings, and sibling bickering.

Not only that, when we affirm ourselves, we get newfound confidence in our abilities. If no one else tells us that we’re great, we can certainly remind ourselves that we are!

If you’ve been struggling with the hard part of motherhood, here are 60 affirmations for moms that will boost your confidence!

60+ Affirmations for Moms at Every Stage

  1. I give myself grace to learn on this journey
  2. Even on my worst day, I am still a great mom
  3. I am a place of refuge and solace for my children
  4. I am enough 
  5. If I can give birth to a child, I can do anything!
  6. I give my children grace to learn and grow
  7. I am equipped to handle every situation I encounter
  8. I was chosen to become a mother; therefore, I am qualified
  9. Everyday I am getting wiser and more equipped
  10. I exude peace, love, and safety
  11. My children have confidence in me 
  12. I am confident in my own abilities 
  13. I am a great mom
  14. I solve problems with grace and ease
  15. I’m a wise steward of my resources and energy
  16. I am the best mother for my children
  17. I am worthy of rest and care
  18. I grow in knowledge everyday
  19. I am loved
  20. I am appreciated
  21. I am fearfully and wonderfully made
  22. I can handle all of today’s challenges
  23. I am full of grace and peace
  24. I have the energy necessary to engage fully with my children
  25. I grow in grace and understanding each day
  26. I am equipped to teach my children necessary life skills
  27. I am a positive role model and example for my children
  28. I am talented, creative, and resourceful
  29. I am blessed
  30. I have everything I need to be successful within me
  31. I am patient and loving toward myself
  32. I add value to my children’s lives
  33. I set a positive atmosphere in my home for my children to thrive
  34. I am courageous
  35. I grow in wisdom each day
  36. I am adored, loved, and appreciated by my children
  37. I have renewed energy and zeal each morning
  38. I am aware of my children’s needs and able to meet them with ease
  39. I am patient and loving toward my children at all times
  40. I have everything I need to be the best mom to my children
  41. I am progressing and becoming better each day 
  42. I find joy in every situation in
  43. I am blessed to be called mom
  44. I am worthy of investing in myself before pouring into others
  45. My children look at me with admiration and honor
  46. I am ever-learning and ever-evolving into a better mom each day
  47. My family and household does not lack
  48. I give out of the abundance of love and care that I have for myself
  49. I cherish each day that I have to parent and spend time with my children
  50. I forgive myself for any past mistakes and embrace them as learning experiences

Positive affirmations for new moms

Becoming a new mom has so many challenges. Not only are you dealing with your body changing drastically, but you’re managing this with a newborn!

There’s a lot to navigate as you take on this new role, so it’s super important that you’re constantly affirming yourself.

Here are some daily affirmations for new moms that you can recite to boost your confidence. 

  1. My body is powerful and beautiful
  2. I give my body grace to recover and heal
  3. I am equipped with everything I need for this amazing journey of motherhood
  4. I am strong and resilient
  5. I am brave
  6. I am doing great and becoming better each day
  7. I freely receive help and support
  8. I trust my intuition regarding my child’s well-being 
  9. I am getting stronger each day
  10. My child loves me unconditionally
  11. I am kind to myself
  12. I accept and appreciate my unique journey

Final thoughts on daily mom affirmations

Motherhood is definitely a journey, so having encouraging words to help you along is certainly necessary. But don’t just stop at affirming yourself. Remember to invest in self-care as a mother and for your general growth and development. 

Here are more ways that you can invest in yourself as a mom.

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