About Sarah Carter

  • Parent Coach for parents of children ages 0-6yrs
  • Former Preschool teacher


  • BA, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology – LaGrange College
  • MS, Master of Science in Mental Health and Wellness – Grand Canyon University


Sarah Carter is a coach for parents of children ages 0-6yrs. She specializes in early learning and helps parents set a healthy foundation of communication, boundaries, and removal of parental guilt and anxiety. 

Her passion is serving families in their relationships by including intentional conversations, purposeful play, and connecting through games, music, and more. She fell in love with family relationships early on through teaching preschool by helping parents connect deeper.

As a teacher, she realized that the problem was not in the classroom, but in building a child’s identity within each family’s dynamic. This led her to pursue a Master’s degree in Mental Health and Wellness with an emphasis in Family Dynamics and to later create her parent coaching program. Through her program, she educates parents on how their personalities affect their child’s learning journey.

This need and support in the community fuel her to continue striving forward to help parents create whole-brain leaders that know who they are and can fulfill their God-given purpose for the future.

Family connection builds on foundations, so let’s build a foundation that can be built upon later!